Do These Three Things to grow Your Business

Do These Three Things for 30 Working Day to Grow Your Business

Do These Three Things for 30 Working Days

If you implement the following three ideas into your work life for 30 working days, with consistency and discipline, I guarantee your situation will improve.

Time Blocking

The idea: "Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practised every day." Jim Rohn

Set aside time each day to focus on business building activity. You can manage time blocking in Proactive using the Daily Rituals feature.

There are thousands of YouTube videos about time blocking, here are three: Video 1, Video 2 , Video 3.

Get Accountable

The idea: Successful people need accountability. Here's why.

Here is a simple process that has made a real difference in my life. Every week I send my accountability partner an email which contains a list of what I've done in the past week and a list of what I plan to do the following week. My accountability partner sends me the same.

This is a surprisingly effective process and I highly recommend you find someone and commit to trying this weekly for 2 months.

Capture that Data

The idea: "Get it out of your head and into a system" - I think David Allen said that.

It's absolutely true. You need one place where you can dump all your data. Proactive is that place. Here are some examples:

Proactive can be the single place for all your contacts. Get them out of your email account, off your phone, out of your black book, off the business cards in your desk drawer and put them into Proactive. You can import them or enter them manually.

Use Contact Types or Lists to organise them. Use this report to keep track of the contacts you import.

You can store an infinite number of notes on each contact. You have access to all your notes in a single place.

You can use Proactive as the place to store all types of files including images, spreadsheets, documents, PDFs. Use the Files tab in the Contact Data section.

Capture and manage all sales leads and jobs in the Opportunities page.

And many more.


I use Proactive daily. I implement time blocking when my sales pipeline needs re-filling, by creating a ritual and recording the time in the Daily Rituals page. I send the weekly email to my accountability partner. I store all my contact data, files and notes in Proactive. I track all my sales leads in Proactive. I also track my project work in Proactive. It keep me on top of my business, I don't miss opportunities, I stay in touch with prospects over long periods and automatically know when to touch base with contacts who have not yet done business with me.

Try these ideas for 31 working days. Make a note of what happens. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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