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Find contacts that you can reach-out to in Proactive's database

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Keeping in touch with prospects is always a great idea. Here are two ways that Proactive can help you if you're wondering who to reach out to.

Look in Contacts

The first one is in contacts.

The last column is the day since column and this means the number of days since we entered any data into practice for a given contact. So here we can see we've not done anything with Richard raw house for 285 days. If I sorted this data, you'll see that the some of them have got a dash. This means we've never entered any data into practice about any of these contacts. So it might be the case that these are people that you would target to actually reach out to.

We could filter here so the list makes a bit more sense. Let's for example, go to have a look at what we labeled as prospects. Now from here, we can say right, we're going to contact these people here. So I'm just going to tick that yellow star. So we've got a group group of contacts that we've actually ticked. And I'm just going to filter them.

Now from here, we can do several things, we can click the Actions button, we can export their email addresses. So we can use these in an email application. Or we can use Proactive's mailshot feature to send them all the mail. Or we can work with this list, we can individually email them, we can call them, we can go into each contact and we can add them to a list. So here's one I prepared earlier. Don't forget to click the button at the top.

Go back and we just do them one by one like this, and on the go. So if we go to the list now we can see that we've got a group of contacts that we can actually contact. So that's the first method. The second method is in reports. If we go to opportunities sales report, and scroll down to contacts with no opportunities. This is a list of contacts that we've never created an opportunity for. By way of reminder, opportunities are where we store sales leads in proactive. So just going back to this list, everybody here does 89 of them in this test database, if not create an opportunity for any of these contacts. So once again, we might want to filter them for just to see our prospects for example. So all of these present an opportunity if we go to 25, we can see the whole list. This is a list of people that you can get in touch with Okay, thank you very much


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