Which Contacts have I called? Call Lists and Contact Activities

How to manage call lists effectively. Never forget to call someone. Contact Lists and Activities.

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Recently, a Proactive user asked me the following question: "I have a pile of contact data from all the people that I meet at networking events. I want to follow them up, how do I track those that I've had a telephone conversation with?"

So it's kind of two questions.

The first thing to do is to get all their contact data into Proactive.  There's a number of ways of doing that. But a quick way to do it is to add multiple contacts in this grid, and select the list. And I'll show you why that's important in a second.

Let's say that we've already got the contact details in Proactive. I would create a list.

Here's one here 'Networking leads'. I would add all the contacts onto that list.

So now we're at the stage where we got all the contacts on the list and we can actually work with them.

One thing to do, though, the guy asked me, How do I keep track of those who had a telephone conversation with, so that's an activity, and we want to make sure that we've got an activity type, which is phone calls. If we haven't, then we can add an activity type, or any other activity type like.

So then I would go to work and contact activities, click on the Contact activity checklist.

Now the list that we created was called networking leads. And we're interested in phone calls. So I click the yellow button.

That will give us all the contacts that are on the list called 'Networking leads'. And it will indicate those that we've actually recorded an activity of phone calls for.

So from here, we can see all of them by just sorting, we can click on the Details link to see the notes that we've actually made, we can see the details for multiple phone calls.

And from here, we could actually carry on adding phone calls. So if I just sort these to put them back into alphabetical order.

So for example, Andy Olson with ad have had a phone call with Andy Olson. And we want to create an activity or keep a record of it. And then we just do that here "Discussed widget", we can select a date, but let's just say 'today'.

Now, if we go back, and we refresh the data, we see the activity that we recorded for Andy Olson.

So basically, the way to do this, the answer to the question is to create this list, have an activity type, and then come into the work menu, contact activities, contact activity checklist. Grab the list, grab the thing we're interested in and work down the list.

By the way, if you want to remove an activity, save it as like, we just click on the Contact name. As before the contact details will open in a separate tab, click on activities. And then if we want to delete it, we just delete it here. Now if I go back, so that was Andy Elson and refresh the data, we can see that the tick has been removed.


Proactive Contact Activity Menu


Published: 13/11/2020

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