This Small Business Heroes podcast features Vickylynne Atherton
Testimonial for Proactive from Ian Larke.
Jess White - Marketing consultant to SMEs - small to medium enterprises and small business - podcast interview - JWO-Marketing.
Overview of Proactive's Mailshots feature - perfect for small business owners.
Small Business Owners - you need to make sure you absolutely call *every* contact on a list. Watch this Proactive video.
In this edition of the Small Business Heroes podcast, I interview David Thomas. Full of small business owner CRM marketing advice.
Recently, a Proactive user, who owns a small business, asked me: "I have a pile of contact data from all the people that I meet at networking events. I want to follow them up. How do I track those that I've had a telephone conversation with?"
An overview of Proactive's List feature - an incredibly useful way for small business owners to organise their contact into marketing groups.
In this edition of the Small Business Heroes podcast I interviewed Mark Pollard. Full of very useful information for freelancers and micro-business owners,
Proactive - Quick Add Contacts. We added a new feature for adding Contacts to Proactive. Please have a look at the 3 minute video.
In this edition of the Small Business Heroes podcast Janet Efere, Sales Trainer and Coach provides a wealth of knowledge about sales.
Proactive is an excellent tool for helping you to gorw your business. One key feature is called Daily Rituals. We've just released three updates to Daily Rituals. Check out the 4 minute video.
We have made some changes to the look of Proactive - making it easier for you to find your way around. It's all explained in the 3 minute video below.
In this episode of the Small Business Heroes podcast, James Smethurst - The Social Desk talks about the transition from working in the NHS to running a marketing agency,
I was a guest on the Go Fish Marketing Podcast. We discuss how self-employed or small business owners, who are non-sales people, can benefit massively from using a CRM solution.
Process matters. Aka having a plan with actionable steps. Proactive's Processes feature will keep you on track. This example is the Process I use for managing the Small Business Heroes podcast guests.
Find out your social selling index by watching this two minute video. The higher your social selling index, the more business through social selling.
Congratulations to my daughter Amy Whitell for appearing in an article in The Sunday Times regarding the impact on the business she go-founded Collctiv - of the return of some lockdown restrictions the North West.
Small business owners and freelancers - generate quotations, manage jobs and generate timesheets to make sure you are paid, using our simple business software Proactive.
In this episode of Small Business Heroes Podcast Ian Larke, Maverick Social Media and Web Site Management of Project Maverick talks about helping his clients overcome the disconnect between their business and their client.
In our Small Business Heroes podcast, we ask small business owners "Tell us what your biggest business challenge has been". This except is from Andrew Gibson.
Small business owners and freelancers - Where do your sales come from?