The only CRM that helps business owners focus on the specific daily activity that results in sales and revenue generation.

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Proactive is the perfect growth CRM tool for all organisations.

Simple but powerful features means users are up-to-speed rapidly

Full range of business building functions - described below

Integration with Office 365

Proactive can be integrated with your internal systems

Great value at £15 per month per User

"Proactive truly is a business owners
'greatest tool in the tool-box’...

...because it focuses the mind each and every day on the rituals that result in achieving success in business."
John Kettley

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Greate value easy-to-use business building features

"I have found Proactive straightforward to use for organising information in valuable, time-saving ways." Jane Hicks Functional Fluency

Follow-Up Manager

A simple but powerful way to manage any number of sales leads.

Daily Rituals

The brilliantly simple strategy used by every successful person, adapted to business building.

CRM Functionality

Lightning fast filtering and search means you will never lose a Contact again. Store ALL your data, including files, in one secure place.


Quickly and conveniently organise your Contacts into ad hoc lists. Used for filtering, Campaigns, call lists, activity tracking and much more.

Sales Opportunities

Stay in control of all your sales opportunities, track all communications, set todos. Run sales reports.

Marketing Campaigns

Send marketing emails to sales leads and Contacts, with a few clicks.

Quotes & Invoicing

Ensure you get paid with our easy-to-use quote and invoicing tools.


A huge library of reports help you stay on top of your business, from sales forecasts, invoicing, contact data reports and many more.

Manage ToDos

An easy-to-use but powerful ToDo system, including Repeat ToDos which help you stay in touch with all your Contacts.

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