The business tool that helps small business owners remove overwhelm, gain focus and grow their business.

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If you are a business owner, Proactive provides the tools you need to clear your mind, get organised and stay focused.

We've all been there. Faced with a thousand options, we feel stuck. Whether it's overwhelm, procrastination or paralysis by analysis, we somehow don't take effective action, particularly when it comes to sales activity.

Proactive is the answer

"Proactive truly is a business owners 'greatest tool in the tool-box’ because it focuses the mind each and every day on the rituals that result in achieving success in business." John Kettley

Start your 30 Day Free Trial. You can cancel at any time - no questions asked!

The features you need

"I have found Proactive straightforward to use for organising information in valuable, time-saving ways."
Jane Hicks Functional Fluency

Job Management and Timesheets

A simple tool to track jobs and generate timesheets.

Sales Processes

Gain control of your sales by creating simple processes and checking-out the Process Score Card.

CRM Functionality

Powerful Contact management that works how you work. Lightning fast filtering and search means you will never lose a Contact again. Store ALL your data, including files, in one secure place.

Daily Rituals

The brilliantly simple strategy used by every successful person, adapted to business building.

Manage ToDos

An easy-to-use but powerful ToDo system, including Repeat ToDos which help you stay in touch with all your Contacts.

Sales Opportunities

Stay in control of all your sales opportunities, track all communications, set todos. Run sales reports.


An easy-to-use invoicing tool.


A huge library of reports help you stay on top of your business, from sales forecasts, invoicing, contact data reports and many more.


A simple mailshot feature enables you to very quickly reach out to anyone in your list of Contacts.

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What our users say

Testimonials from some of our users. Be sure to watch the videos also.

Agnes Fiztgerald

“Earlier this year I set up another business. This time I was prepared to work much smarter. A friend introduced me to ProActive. It's brilliant. I feel a lot more organised. I've tidied up all my contact data & ToDo Actions. Now that it's in Proactive it's really easy to follow-up all my Contacts, my emails and sales leads. Best of all, there's always someone available if I have questions or challenges. I strongly recommend Proactive to anyone who wants work smarter on growing their business.”
Agnes Fitzgerald trading as Independent Business Enterprise

Janet Efere

Hello I'm Janet Efere and I'm a sales trainer. And I've used Tony's Proactive with my clients, and one of the reasons I love it is because it's really simple to use. My clients tend to be small business owners and entrepreneurs. They haven't got big complicated sales teams. They haven't grown-up in an atmosphere of sales, and they haven't got time to learn something complicated. So Proactive is perfect for them on several levels.
Tadpole Training

John Kettley

“The secret to achieving true success in business is in focusing on the specific things that result in sales and revenue generation. Proactive truly is a business owners 'greatest tool in the tool-box’ because it focuses the mind each and every day on the rituals that result in achieving success in business.”
John F Kettley

Anna Stapleton

I have been using Proactive for about 6 months and I love it. I love it because it helps me to organise and my follow-up especially in a timely and effective fashion, so it's great.
Anna Stapleton

Anita Davies

Hi I'm Anita Davies from Coding for Sail. I've been using Proactive for nearly two years. I had my doubts at first as I was trying to use another CRM, the second one I'd tried - I did not use it and could not hope to understand lots in that application. Enter Proactive. My doubts were quickly dispelled. You can set-up the data in the way which best suits your business. I love the fact that everything to do with a Contact is in one place. You can suggest ideas, often that idea is implemented within a few days. I've no hesitation in recommending Proactive to anyone who wants to move their business forward.
Plain Sailing Web Solutions

Jane Hicks

Jane Hicks

"I have found ProActive straightforward to use for organising information in valuable, time-saving ways for a smaller organisation, without over-complication. It then allows for more of the functions to used, as needed, to give information in more sophisticated ways as a business grows."
Functional Fluency

elaine atherton

Elaine Atherton

As a sales business coach and trainer one of my most 'popular' sessions includes getting yourself organised and understanding what is stopping you. It is very easy when we are in control of our own diary to lose our way. Understanding why we do what we do, and what we need to be doing are hugely important but following that up with a practical system and process is the key to making it work. Proactive works for me on so many levels, firstly it gets you organised - no more storing information in different places, your contacts, your reminders, your To Do list, your results and more are all in one place ready for you to take action via its easy to understand CRM system. Our 'daily rituals' can get lost if we don't plan them in to our allocated time, and yet they help us take our business forward, when we measure our progress in a positive visual way. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Proactive to my clients, who are small business owners and entrepreneurs. It's no surprise Proactive has been short listed for an award. I look forward to continuing to work with ProActive in spreading the word of the benefits of this great support tool.”
2 Summit Up