Proactive October 2019 Updates

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Proactive Changes - Video

New Features and Improvements - Outline

* Contacts - Misc Fields 1- 4 - Labels can be created by user.
The four Miscellaneous fields in the Contact form can be labelled by the user. This enables you to use them to record information that is relevance to your business. The data in the fields is visbile in a report, which can be used to filter groups of Contacts.

* Projects
A new feature for managing simple projects. Includes a notes and todos feature.

* Contacts - Search feature now searches email addresses.
The Contacts grid search feature has been enhanced to include email searches.

* Notes feature added.
A simple Notes feature, similar to Microsoft Notes or Evernote.

* Theme updates to website pages.
Updates to the look and feel of the pages on the Proactive website.

* Blog added
Proactive now has a blog.

* Moved Work links to a page due to over-crowding on the drop-down menu.
Proactive's features continue to grow. The drop-down mobile menu was not working well. The features are now listed on a page.

* Goals feature added.
A simple feature for setting and tracking goals.

* Can add a ToDo in the ToDo page.
Add a Todo in the Todos page.

* New report - Get hours for a specific ritual over a date range.
Report on your ritual activity over a date range.

* Added charts to some reports e.g. Sales By Contact and Sales Lead Sources.
Enhancing some reports with pie charts.

Published 16/06/2020 10:49:30

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