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This is a short video about a LinkedIn tool called the social selling index or SSI. You get to the SSI by being logged in, and then you enter LinkedIn forward slash sales, forward slash SSI.

So this is mine. And I'm new to this tool. So please forgive me if you know more about it than I do.

The social selling index measures how effective you are establishing your professional brand finding right people engaging with insights and building relationships. It's a score out of 100. I've got 64. And it's based on these four items here. So if you click on any of these, you get some information and you can click here. And that takes you to a page with a bit more information.

Just scrolling down for my industry. I'm delighted to see I'm in the top 5% not sure how I achieve that. And in terms of my overall network, I'm in the top 18 percent. So what I'm hoping to do is to add 10 points to this. So to get it up to the mid 70s, I have a feeling that this is steering you towards using Sales Navigator which I don't currently the moment so probably I better get to 100.

Now, I'm actually going to be doing this at the same time as completely changing my profile because at the moment I'm in it business consultancy software development, I'm moving out of that completely. And I'm going full time on my project Proactive, which is a business tool that helps small business owners remove overwhelm, gain focus and grow their business. So I'm going to be aiming to improve my score while I'm actually changing my profile.

One thing I thought was quite interesting was this one, find the right people. I'm going to dig into that a little bit. I wonder if it means that within my connections, there are people that don't that somehow shouldn't be there and Short quote. So I'm going to dig into that find out what that means. And also I'm going to try and learn what this means as well engage with insights. And I'll do that work and I'll post another video.

Published 16/06/2020 10:43:35

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