Proactive is a flexible, all-in-one CRM designed for managing teams, contacts, sales, email outreach, in-bound enquiries, client or internal projects, todos, quotes, invoices and more, in a very user-friendly package.
Proactive costs £15 per user per month.

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CRM - sales pipeline, email campaigns, autoresponders

Import thousands of prospects, create a campaign and email them

Track Campaign results by number and value of Quotes and Sales Opportunities generated

Manage Sales Opportunities in a pipeline or through our Follow-Up Manager

Manage Teams 123

Track activity across all users in your organisation

Allocate Todos, Projects, Opportunities, Quotes and Invoices to team members

Create a Project for internal use or for a Contact or Organisation. Allocate Project Todos to a team member

Manage Organisations / Accounts

Import thousands of organisation records

Create organisation filters that make sense to your business

Get Paid

Track all client work using the Jobs feature

Convert Jobs to Quotes. Convert Jobs or Quotes to Invoices.

Integration with Microsoft 365

View Outlook email in Proactive Contact records.

Push Todos to Outlook calendar.

Import Contacts from Outlook.

Proactive is not just a software application...

We provide a range of services including training, consultancy and software development. We are happy to discuss integration with your current internal systems or adding bespoke functionality.

"Moving to a new CRM after 20 years could have been an awful experience. Tony and the team at Proactive made it seamless, it was a truly collaborative process, nothing was too much trouble as we transitioned to Proactive."
Chris Dalzell - Relationship Director - Maguire Training Ltd

Features Overview

Follow-Up Manager

A simple but powerful way to manage any number of sales leads.

Daily Rituals

The brilliantly simple strategy used by every successful person, adapted to business building.

CRM Functionality

Lightning fast filtering and search means you will never lose a Contact again. Store ALL your data, including files, in one secure place.


Quickly and conveniently organise your Contacts into ad hoc lists. Used for filtering, Campaigns, call lists, activity tracking and much more.

Sales Opportunities

Stay in control of all your sales opportunities, track all communications, set todos. Run sales reports.

Marketing Campaigns

Send marketing emails to sales leads and Contacts, with a few clicks.

Quotes & Invoicing

Ensure you get paid with our easy-to-use quote and invoicing tools.


A huge library of reports help you stay on top of your business, from sales forecasts, invoicing, contact data reports and many more.

Manage ToDos

An easy-to-use but powerful ToDo system, including Repeat ToDos which help you stay in touch with all your Contacts.

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