Why We Built Proactive

Seven glorious years living in Italy had flown-by. A semi-retirement in Paradise doesn't come cheap and my savings were shrinking fast. As the months passed I tried several business ideas, but it was difficult to make progress: I was not focused, I didn't have a plan and I was not taking effective or consistent action. I was spinning so many plates felt overwhelm that at times I had that growing feeling of overwhelm.

Then one sunny Italian day I had a revelation, which was:

"Surely there are other small business owners that are struggling in the same way".

I decided to find out.

I have an Honours Degree in Business and a Masters Degree in Marketing. If those needlessly long and ridiculously over-priced courses taught me anything, it was how to analyse a problem. I read endless web pages and books, I listened to podcasts and watched YouTube videos for hours. I emailed several hundred people and asked them to tell me their biggest business problem, hoping to find a pain point I could help them with. Much to my surprise, the majority of people reported the same issue: when it came to growing their business, most ddn't know where to start and many reported a sense of overwhlem, particularly around the idea of sales.

Enjoying beautiful Bologna

This was interesting, but also unexpected. After all, YouTube is full of free content on motivation, business, sales tactics, etc. Plus there are many free sales applications and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools available, sometimes for free.

Around this time I came across a quote by Jim Rohn:

"Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day."

The light switched-on: CRM software is fine for professional sales people but it ignores the hundreds of thousands of small business owners. In fact, I had tried several over the years but they didn't really work for me. What was needed was a simple system, something with ready-made tools and processes that could help me grow my business, get organised and get focused.

I gave myself a 100 day challenge to learn software development and build a simple prototype. I took trips to the UK to show my prototype to small business owners, I took their feedback on-board and kept improving and simplying the product. Eventually, My Proactive Business, aka Proactive, was born.

Another year passed and I returned to live in the UK. After being away for so long I was pretty much starting from zero. The first thing I did (after buying rain and wind-proof clothing and shoes) was to use Proactive consistently every day. It became a life saver: I got organised, I began to see opportunities, I managed to dissolve that feeling of overwhelm. Eventually I turned my financial situation around.

The thing I love about Proactive is that it can genuinely help non-sales people, freelancers and small business owners to reduce overwhelm and grow their businesses. Give Proactive a try - it has a 30 day free trial. Just click the green button below to check it out for yourself.